Innerkofler De Luca

Auronzo di Cadore




About 6 hours


Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Elevation gain

Tot: 800 m | Via ferrata: 450 m

Vie Ferrate_Credit Guide Alpine Cortina_Monte Paterno_Innerkofler (2)


Not very difficult if you go down the sentiero delle Forcelle which constitutes a varied and complete traverse.

Since it is very busy, care must be taken in the upper part due to falling rocks.

Monte Paterno is a good neighbor offering a privileged point to observe the impressive walls of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Also very interesting from a historical point of view, as the route has been restored and retraces the trenches and tunnels of the Great War.


From Rifugio Auronzo along the easy path under the south walls of the Tre Cime, shortly to Rifugio Lavaredo, up to Forcella Lavaredo and then to Rifugio Locatelli (1 hour and 30 min) from which, the Innerkofler via ferrata begins.

Ascent description

After passing the small sausage-shaped tower that marks the start, you take the long tunnel, dimly lit, which, with a varied slope and steeper sections equipped with ladders, comes out on the east wall.

You take another tunnel, completely dark where a headlamp is essential. Continue past a steep section equipped with a fixed rope that leads to a ramp leading to the Forcella del Camoscio. This is the arrival point in common with the other routes.

For the top, continue with a short descent through the gully (south), and the ascent to a part equipped with a rope which you overcome with difficulty, obliquely, to reach a terraced area. The summit cross named after the brave guide Sepp Innerkofler is reached via the last easy steps. The imposing north face of the Tre Cime will be right in front of you.

Descent description

From the top you return to the Forcella dei Camosci, where you can go back through the same ascent itinerary, or descend the path directly to the base. Or, completing a complete traverse of the mountain, descend along the Ferrata delle Forcelle which, with up and down ledges, ladders and bridges, takes you along the eastern crest of the Paterno, up to the path at the base and then to the Pian di Cengia refuge or directly to the path 104 which connects the rif. Locatelli and rif. Auronzo.

Vie Ferrate_Credit Guide Alpine Cortina_Monte Paterno_Innerkofler
Vie Ferrate_Credit Guide Alpine Cortina_Monte Paterno_Innerkofler

Recommended period:

June – September



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