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The history of the Cortina Mountain Guides

The history of the Cortina Mountain Guides began when Paul Grohmann, pioneering explorer of the Dolomites and founder of the Austrian Alpine Club, handed over the first Guidebook to Francesco Lacedelli in 1864.

Paul Grohmann, in fact, lived in Cortina from 1862 to 1865 and relied completely on local mountaineers to explore the Dolomites of Cortina and reach its inviolate peaks. Thus, together with valiant Ampezzo mountaineers, many feats were accomplished, including: the ascent of Mount Pelmo along the Grohmann ledge, the ascent of Tofana di Rozes and Mount Cristallo.

Meanwhile, the echo of Cortina’s beauty spread throughout Europe, thanks in part to the book published in 1877 by Paul Grohmann dedicated to the beauty of the Dolomites, entitled Wanderungen in den Dolomiten, officially kicking off tourism in the Ampezzo Valley.

The Cortina Mountain Guides have been carrying on a tradition ever since: to live and to exploring the area, in each wall or valley with passion, dedication and curiosity.

Cortina Mountain Guides today

We are a group of 25 Mountain Guides and 3 Mountain leaders with a tradition that is centuries old, all sharing the same passion for the mountains.

We know perfectly well the Dolomites and the surrounding mountains. We are professionals and our mission is to accompany people on their adventures every day, ensuring their safety and most importantly, fun!

We are also Alpinism Instructors and we teach you what the mountains are about: we transmit our knowledge, our passion, we work with special care towards group activities, and in particular to children.

For who wants to be harnessed, for who wants to do a ferrata, cross a mountain ledge, walk through an uncontaminated valley, the Cortina Mountain Guides and Mid Mountain Guides are the right people to count on.

All our guides are registered with the Regional and the National Guides Association to legally guarantee our professionalism to clients.

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