Piccoliori Andrea_Verticale

The President 

Andrea Piccoliori

Birth date: 9 March 1976
Guide since: 2006

My family has always transmitted passion and value for the mountains, and this is what I try to propogate to who decides to “tie a knot on the rope” together with me.

From 1995 until 2003 I had the opportunity to dedicate my time professionally to cross country skiing, as I was in the “Fiamme Oro” Military Alpine School, achieving satisfactory results. This experience gave me the opportunity to know alot of new friends and visit many places where this sport is carried out.

In 2003, during a competition, I broke both poles, and I was so disappointed as I looked up to the mountains that were in front of me, and at that moment I decided to abandon competitions, and replace them with “living the mountains” in another way. In a short period of time, I found my alpinistic curriculum rich in various experiences, so much that I could start the school that has led me to be a Mountain Guide in 2006.

The passion for this job and the possibility to know new friends give me the certainty that I took the right decision!

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